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  • 1. Opportunity to form meaningful connections
  • 2. Access to a larger pool of potential partners
  • 3. Ability to learn more about another person's life experiences
  • 1. Potential for exploitation
  • 2. Inability to verify identity of inmates
  • 3. Risk of physical harm if meeting in person
  • 4. Unclear legal status and implications


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Meet an Inmate 2023 Review – Should You Give It A Try In 2023?


Meet an Inmate is a revolutionary app that allows people to connect with inmates in correctional facilities across the United States. It was launched in 2012 by founder, Phil Hebert, who had a passion for helping those behind bars find meaningful connections and friendships outside of prison walls. Since its launch, Meet an Inmate has grown exponentially and now boasts over 200 active users from all 50 states.

The primary goal of this platform is to provide prisoners with companionship while they serve their sentences or wait for parole hearings. The website also offers support services such as job search assistance and educational resources so that these individuals can reintegrate into society once released from incarceration. Users are able to create profiles on the site which include photos, bios about themselves (including hobbies/interests), contact information (for approved visitors) as well as any other pertinent details related to their sentence or current situation within the facility where they’re housed .

This app provides users with access not only inmates but also pen pals located around the world – making it easy for anyone interested in finding someone new beyond geographical boundaries! As far popularity goes – Meet An Inmate ranks among one of most popular apps available today; especially amongst countries like Australia , Canada , UK & USA .

Accessing this platform does not require payment nor registration fees; however if you wish use features such as sending messages / creating profile etc., then you will need sign up first before being allowed do so ! Also there’s no dedicated mobile application yet ; though some reports suggest development team working towards launching one soon enough ! All said done – accessing your account through web browser still remains best way go when using meet inmate service online!

How Does Meet an Inmate Work?

Meet an Inmate is a unique app that allows users to connect with inmates in prisons across the United States. It provides a platform for those looking to make new friends, form meaningful relationships, and even find romance from behind bars. The key features of this app include search filters which allow you to narrow down your results based on age, gender or location; detailed profiles featuring photos and bios about each inmate; direct messaging capabilities so you can get in touch with someone quickly and easily; as well as various other features such as prison pen pal listings where you can read letters written by prisoners who are seeking companionship outside of their current situation.

The Meet an Inmate app has thousands of active members located all over the world including countries like Canada, Australia, Germany and India among others. You can use the built-in search feature to browse through hundreds of inmate profiles at any given time – allowing users plenty options when it comes finding potential matches or contacts within their area code or country if they wish too! Additionally there’s also “featured” sections which showcase some particularly interesting stories from different inmates around America – giving people insight into what life might be like inside one these facilities while still being able maintain contact without having ever visited them physically themselves before now!

In addition to connecting with individual inmates directly via message boards/forums available on site (which requires registration), visitors may also choose view public postings made by registered members regarding topics related incarceration experiences etcetera – making sure everyone stays informed about relevant news items pertaining criminal justice system issues happening right now both locally nationally alike! Furthermore due its secure design layout no personal information will ever shared unless user decides otherwise thus ensuring safety privacy remain top priority always throughout entire process using service itself either way shape form whatsoever…

  • 1.Inmate Profiles: Detailed profiles of inmates, including their age, gender, crime committed and sentence length.
  • 2. Photo Gallery: Photos of the inmates that can be viewed by other users on the platform.
  • 3. Video Messaging System: Allows members to send video messages directly to an inmate’s account in real-time with no cost or delay associated with traditional mail services
  • 4. Private Chat Rooms & Discussion Forums : Secure chat rooms for private conversations between members and inmates as well as public discussion forums where people can share stories about life behind bars or ask questions related to incarceration topics
  • 5 . Personalized Support Services : Offers personalized support services such as mentorship programs , job placement assistance , legal advice , educational resources etc., which are tailored specifically for each individual’s needs
  • 6 . Postcard Exchange Program : A program allowing family/friends outside prison walls to write postcards filled with positive words of encouragement which will then be delivered directly into the hands of those incarcerated

Registration – How Easy Is It?

Registering on the Meet an Inmate app is a straightforward process. To begin, users are required to provide their email address and create a username and password. After submitting these details, they will be asked to complete additional information such as age, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation (optional), physical description of themselves including height & weight (optional) and any other interests or hobbies that may help them find potential matches. The minimum age requirement for using this app is 18 years old; however it should be noted that most inmates have much higher ages than this so younger individuals may not receive many responses from those listed in the database. Registration on Meet an Inmate is free but there are also premium subscription options available if users wish to access more features within the platform such as being able to contact multiple members at once or having unlimited messaging capabilities with all inmates registered in its system.

  • 1.Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • 2. Provide a valid email address and create a password for the account.
  • 3. Agree to all terms and conditions, including not sending any money through Meet an Inmate’s services without prior approval from the facility where the inmate is located (if applicable).
  • 4. Provide accurate personal information such as name, date of birth, etc., which will be used to verify identity when creating an account with Meet An Inmate’s service provider(s).
  • 5 .Understand that communication between users on this site may only take place via postal mail unless otherwise stated in writing by both parties involved in said correspondence; electronic communications are strictly prohibited at this time due to security reasons outlined within our Terms & Conditions page linked here: [insert link].
  • 6 .Agree not to use language deemed inappropriate or offensive while communicating with other members on Meet An Inmate’s website/service platform(s) – violations could result in suspension/termination of user privileges granted upon registration completion if found necessary by our staff after reviewal has taken place accordingly per these ruleset guidelines provided herein today! 7 .Acknowledge that profiles created using false information shall immediately become subject for removal once discovered during routine maintenance checks conducted periodically throughout each month – please ensure accuracy when filling out required fields associated wth your profile creation process so we can keep everyone safe + secure while utilizing MAnI’s services responsibly 😉 8 Understand that you must maintain active membership status at all times should you wish continue receiving messages sent directly from inmates housed within various correctional facilities across America – failure do so may result unwanted termination access rights granted previously upon successful signup submission…

Design and Usability of Meet an Inmate

The Meet an Inmate app has a bright and modern design, with colors like orange, blue and green. The layout is easy to navigate through the different sections of the app such as profiles or messages. It’s simple to find other users’ profiles by searching for their name or location in the search bar at the top of each page. The usability is great; all features are clearly labeled so you can quickly access them without any confusion. Even if you’re not tech-savvy, it’s still straightforward enough that anyone can use it easily after just a few minutes exploring around on their own account settings pages. With a paid subscription there are some UI improvements such as additional customization options which makes using this app even more enjoyable!

User Profile Quality

Meet an Inmate profiles are public, allowing anyone to view them. Users can set a custom bio and include their interests, hobbies or anything else they would like potential pen pals to know about them. There is no “friends” feature but users can connect with each other via private messages. Privacy settings are limited; there is no Google or Facebook sign-in option available and it is not possible for users to hide their location info which reveals the city in which they reside as well as the distance between themselves and other members of Meet an Inmate. Premium subscription offers additional benefits such as more visibility on search results pages within the website itself, however this does not increase privacy levels in any way whatsoever. Fake accounts may exist on Meet an Inmate so extra caution should be taken when connecting with others through this platform


Meet an Inmate is a website that connects people with inmates. It has both a dating site and app, which are designed to help those who have been incarcerated find love and companionship outside of prison walls. The main advantage of the Meet an Inmate dating site is its ability to match users based on their interests, hobbies, backgrounds, age range and more. This allows for individuals to connect with someone they may not otherwise be able to meet in person due to geographical or other limitations. Additionally, it provides access for potential partners from all over the world so long as there’s internet connection available; this makes it possible for anyone looking for companionship or even marriage regardless of location constraints.

The main disadvantage associated with using Meet an Inmate’s services lies in security concerns since prisoners do not always have access to modern technology like smartphones or computers – making communication difficult at times when compared against traditional online dating sites where one can communicate through text messages or video calls easily without having any worries about privacy issues related specifically towards them being behind bars . Another downside would be that some profiles may contain false information as inmates often lie about themselves while trying build up their profile page attract attention from others interested in getting involved romantically/platonically via this platform; therefore verifying each individual before establishing contact should always take place prior engaging further into conversations between two parties connected by means of Match An inmate service itself .

Safety & Security

Meet an Inmate is committed to providing a secure platform for its users. To ensure that the app remains safe and secure, Meet an Inmate has implemented various security measures such as user verification process, manual photo review and two-factor authentication option. The first step of their verification process involves verifying the identity of each user by asking them to provide personal information like name, address etc., which helps in ensuring that all accounts are genuine. Additionally, photos uploaded on this platform are manually reviewed by moderators who check if they comply with terms & conditions or not before allowing them to be posted publicly on the site/app. This helps in eliminating any potential bots or fake accounts from entering into their system while also protecting against inappropriate content being shared online. Furthermore, Meet an Inmate provides its users with a two-factor authentication feature which adds another layer of protection when logging into one’s account thereby making it difficult for anyone else but you access your profile even if they know your password details somehow manage to get hold off it.. Lastly ,the privacy policy set out by meetaninmates clearly states how data collected about individuals will be used securely and responsibly so as protect everyone’s right o privacy .

Pricing and Benefits

Whether or not users need a paid subscription on Meet an Inmate is dependent upon their individual needs. The app itself is free to download and use, however it does offer additional features for those who choose to pay the monthly fee of $24.99 USD (or equivalent in other currencies). This allows users access to unlimited messaging with inmates, as well as exclusive inmate profiles that are only available through this premium service.

For those considering getting a paid subscription there are several benefits:

  • Unlimited Messaging – Send messages without limits and restrictions; communicate more freely with your chosen pen pal!

  • Exclusive Profiles – Access special inmate profiles which can’t be found anywhere else online; get all the information you need about potential pen pals before deciding if they’re right for you!

  • No Ads – Enjoy an ad-free experience while using Meet An Inmate’s services; no distractions when connecting with new people from around the world!

At just under 25 dollars per month, these prices are competitive compared to similar apps offering similar services. The cancellation process is also straightforward: simply log into your account settings page and select “Cancel Subscription” at any time prior to renewal date in order receive full refund within 7 days after cancelling membership plan . Users should keep in mind that refunds will not be issued once payment has been processed unless requested within 48 hours of purchase date due technical reasons beyond our control .

Help & Support

Meet an Inmate is a website that allows people to connect with inmates in the United States. It provides access to support for both users and inmates, allowing them to stay connected even when they are apart.

The first way you can access support on Meet an Inmate is through their customer service page. This page has all of the information you need about how best to contact customer service representatives, as well as frequently asked questions and answers related to using the site’s services. You can also reach out via email or phone if needed; response times vary depending on what type of inquiry it is but generally range from one day up two weeks for more complex issues such as account setup or technical difficulties.

For those who prefer quick answers without having direct contact with someone at Meet an Inmate, there’s also a FAQ section available online which contains commonly asked questions along with helpful solutions provided by experienced staff members who understand how this platform works inside-out! Response time here will be much faster than contacting customer service directly since these are pre-answered queries so most inquiries should get answered within minutes rather than days/weeks like other methods might take longer too resolve properly – making it perfect choice anyone looking assistance quickly & easily!


1. Is Meet an Inmate safe?

Meet an Inmate is not a safe platform. The website encourages people to connect with inmates, which can be dangerous and potentially lead to exploitation of the inmate or other vulnerable individuals. While there are many legitimate reasons for wanting to stay in touch with someone who is incarcerated, such as maintaining family ties or providing emotional support during difficult times, it’s important that all communication takes place within the boundaries set by correctional facilities and under supervision if necessary. Furthermore, Meet an Inmate does not verify its users’ identities so anyone could be posing as another person online without being held accountable for their actions. It’s also possible that those communicating through this site may have ulterior motives beyond just friendship or connection; therefore caution should always be exercised when engaging in any type of correspondence on this platform due to potential risks involved including identity theft and fraud among others.

2. Is Meet an Inmate a real dating site with real users?

Meet an Inmate is a website that allows people to connect with inmates who are currently incarcerated in the United States. The site does not appear to be a traditional dating site, as it does not offer any of the typical features found on such sites. Instead, users can browse profiles and write letters directly to inmates listed on the website. It is unclear whether Meet an Inmate has real users or if all of its members are actually current prisoners; however, many reviews suggest that there may be some legitimate connections made through this platform. While most people would likely use caution when interacting with someone they meet online – especially one behind bars – those looking for companionship while their loved ones serve time could find solace in using Meet an Inmate’s services

3. How to use Meet an Inmate app?

The Meet an Inmate app is a great way to connect with inmates who are currently incarcerated. It allows users to search for inmates by name, age, gender and location. Once you have found the inmate that interests you, it’s easy to start communicating with them through messages or video calls. You can also send photos and other documents directly from your phone or computer using the app’s secure messaging system. The app also provides access to news about upcoming parole hearings so that users can stay informed of any changes in their chosen inmate’s status while they remain behind bars. Finally, if desired, users may even be able add funds into an inmate’s account via credit card payments on the website associated with this application – allowing those without physical money orders available at local stores a convenient alternative method of providing financial support when needed most!

4. Is Meet an Inmate free?

Meet an Inmate is not a free service. The website charges users for access to its services, including sending and receiving emails from inmates, as well as other features such as setting up video visits with the inmate. Fees vary depending on the type of service requested but can range from $3-$20 per month or more for certain packages. It’s important to note that Meet an Inmate does not guarantee any kind of connection between you and your chosen inmate; all correspondence must be initiated by both parties in order for it to take place successfully.

5. Is Meet an Inmate working and can you find someone there?

Yes, Meet an Inmate is working and it is possible to find someone there. The website allows users to browse through the profiles of inmates from all over the United States who are looking for friendship or more. Each profile includes a picture, name, age, location (state), offense committed and release date if applicable. It also provides information about each inmate’s interests such as hobbies they enjoy doing in their spare time or books they like reading. Additionally, visitors can send messages directly to inmates via email with no charge involved – making communication easy and convenient for both parties involved!


In conclusion, Meet an Inmate is a great app for those who are looking to find partners for dating. It has a user-friendly design and provides users with safety and security features that help protect their personal information. The profile quality of the app is also excellent as it allows users to get detailed information about potential matches before making contact. However, there could be some improvements made in terms of its usability and help & support options which may make the experience even better for all users involved. All in all, Meet an Inmate offers a secure platform where people can meet new friends or romantic partners from around the world safely without having to worry about their privacy being compromised at any point during use

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